WordPress Spam Posts, Accounts and Comments Removal Tool

Full fledged WordPress Cleanup, Optimization and Security Enhancement Solution

We’re a team of expert WordPress developers who are helping individual WordPress blog or site owners to take control of their blogs and get rid of unwanted spam attcks on your comment areas. We help you get rid of SEO spammers and hackers.

Do you have below questions:

How to block spam comments?

How to secure your WordPress website?

How to stop useless traffic on your WordPress site or blog?

We’ve got you, please feel free to discuss with us, share your questions and get them resolved effectively.

Our WordPress Speed Optimisation Services Cover

We have expertise in boosting WordPress website speed and security, 

  • Fix Core Web Vital Speed Issues

  • Leverage Browser Cacheing for Static Content like images, js, css and other files.

  • Fix render blocking JavaScript and CSS code.

  • Reduce Inline CSS

  • Managing Javascript by ASYNC mode

  • Image Size Optimization

  • Minify CSS, Javascript and HTML codes

  • Load font before visual content 

  • Reduce Server Response Time

  • Secure Your Site with HTTPS or SSL integration and give an SEO ranking boost

  • Migrate Site from HTTP 1.o to HTTP 2.o

  • Reduce HTTP File Requests

  • Fix Unwanted Page Redirection Issues

Website Migration

Migrate your website from other CMS or platforms to WordPress hassle-free with us. What we will do:

  • Migrate your hosting provider

  • Migrate your domain provider

  • Migrate your email provider

  • Email account setup

  • Migrate other blogging platforms to WordPress

  • CDN Setup

  • Fixing migration issues

  • Fixing SSL issues after migration

  • Fixing WordPress upgrade issues

  • Technical consultation and assistance throughout the year