Complete eCommerce Solution – Web App, Mobile App with Admin Panel

Best eCommerce Solution with Delivery App

We’ve made a complete eCommerce solution for small and medium business so that they can thrive digitally at right pace.

Engage with your regular customers digitally, share latest product details, offers and more directly with them to delight them with our all-in-one eCommerce solution.

Best for Small and Medium Businesses or Startups

If you’re a startup or a small and medium business as listed below:

  • Grocery, Fruit, Vegetables Business Owner
  • Medicine Business Owner
  • Electronics and Appliances Business Owner
  • Clothing Store or Boutique Owner or
  • Startup enthusiast who want to start similar

If you have idea or want your eCommerce solution then you should reach us today.

What you’ll have in eCommerce Solution

  • eCommerce Web Application
  • Android Mobile App for Consumer
  • Android Mobile App for Delivery Person
  • Advanced Admin Panel or CMS to manage everything

eCommerce Web Application

The eCommerce web application is customisable as per your requirements, you can do below things

  • Switch between multiple header styles
  • Switch between multiple shop pages
  • Switch between multiple home page layouts
  • Switch between multiple product page layouts
  • Make your header sticky
  • Switch between multiple footer styles
  • Switch between multiple checkout styles
  • Switch between multiple sliders styles
  • Switch between multiple banners styles
  • Switch between multiple payment methods
  • Switch between multiple shipping methods
  • Switch between multiple languages
  • Switch between multiple currencies

Android Customer Mobile App

You’ll have consumer Android mobile app included in our eCommerce solution bundle. You can customise your customer mobile app for following things.

  • Switch between multiple home screens
  • Switch between multiple category screens
  • Switch between more than 20 card styles
  • Switch between more than 5 types of slider styles
  • Enable/Disable top sales section
  • Enable/Disable deals section
  • Enable/Disable product wishlist
  • Manage user profiles
  • Manage payment methods
  • Manage shipping methods
  • Share product option
  • Multiple languages and currency option

Android Delivery Mobile App

With delivery mobile app you can manage your delivery person and order delivery with ease, you can do following things

  • Login with Pin
  • Firebase OTP authentication
  • GPS tracking
  • Maps navigation
  • Online/Offline feature
  • Payout
  • Floating cash
  • Work history

For more features explore our delivery app.

Admin Panel

Admin panel or CMS to Manage everything

  • Manage orders
  • Manage order shipping
  • Manage product and inventory
  • Manage currency types
  • Manage Media
  • Manage Tax as per region
  • Manage coupons and deals
  • Manage payment
  • Manage web application, mobile applications
  • Manage users and other admins
  • Backup code
  • Restore code or update

You can even do more explore the admin panel for more.

Why you should should have it before your competitor get it?

Creating website, mobile app and such custom solution is not a a days work, it takes a lot of hard work to be carried out. Developer spent more than 1000 hours to develop such solutions.

Our eCommerce solution is cost-effective as well as full-loaded with all tech to thrive your eCommerce business online. With our solution you can get benefitted as below:

Time & Money Saver

Custom app development can time upto 3 months and can cost you more than 5X (times) than our offerings and costs.

Easy to Install – Ready to test Demo Content

Our solution has easy to install instructions that anyone with little technical knowledge or Google searching capabilities can do it.

It comes with demo content that will make you feel realistic and you can update and customise it accordingly.

Setup Mobile Apps

Setting up mobile app is easy with our detailed documentation, read and follow each and every steps. If you feel stuck or you’re facing any issue you can contact us for support.

Website Customisation

Customise your web application your way make it look like as you want from multiple styles and layouts.

Lifetime updates

We haven’t made this solution to be used just once, we want it to be futuristic and thus we’re trying everything best from our side to make it more better periodically and you will have access to all our future updates at no extra cost.