Why should you Use Analytics for your application?

Analytics gives you validation, verification, and confirmation of the data. It provides insights like through which keywords customers are being driven to your website. It shows you how many people searched the term. Analytics also shows you tons of different kind of things such as number of users dropped off on a particular page, number of new vs returning visitors, how much time they spend on a particular page, number of users that are completing specific processes in your application. It provides you customer insights, social insights, conversion insights. It helps you figure out page quality, trends, and conclusions.

How Analytics help in making Effective Decisions based on Customer Data?

Using analytics data once you know what your customers are looking for, it gives you a better idea of who they are, where they are from, and their behavior on your application. With data generated through analytics, you’ll find the most effective ways to optimize your application flows and pages.

How Analytics help in Digital Marketing Validation?

Analytics help you recognize the traffic coming to your application and what that traffic does, how that traffic behaves in your application. Using collected data you will have an understanding of which social channels of yours are the top performers with your target audience and provide you with the right data to make data-driven Digital Marketing decisions.

How can Analytics help improve Specific Application Process OR Page Quality?

Analytics implemented for specific Application flow or a page can give you insight into how optimized that flow or page is. You will be able to figure out If they are simply dropping off or retained. You can also figure out how long it took them to complete the process or a flow. This kind of Analytics implementation includes the data you collect on each page or flow in your application by creating funnels or by tracking events and conversions.

How can it help you figure out Trends and How it helps in making conclusions?

Analytics helps you to understand differences in the data from time to time, so this facilitates insights of trends over time. This helps you in making conclusions based on the trend. It ensures that with the current trends and partitioning, you can easily find what’s driving people away from your site, or what’s bringing people to your application and based on what they are retaining.

What kind of questions Analytics implementation can answer?

  • Through which medium or marketing platform people are landing on your Application?
  • Out of all people landed on your application how many of them are actually wanted to get in touch?
  • How many visitors are landed in the specified time period?
  • Where are they from?
  • What languages do they speak?
  • What devices, operating systems, or which browsers do they use?
  • How many of them are first time visitors, how many of them are returning, which one of them are addicted?
  • Check the amount of marketing you spent on each sale happened for the particular customer or targeted customers?
  • Predefined and configured goals that are met per user for particular flows or funnels

There are several tools we use such as Mixpanel, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics,, Hotjar, Inspectlet, Crazy Egg and so on.

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