Ionic Google Plus Error 10 when Debugging [Solved]

I am Assuming you have created / configured

  1. Keystore file to sign apk
  2. Google Cloud Project and OAuth Credentials for your android App

If not then you can find it here:

Step 1

When installing plugin make sure you provide correct variables.

  1. For REVERSED_CLIENT_ID make sure to provide the Credentials you generated for Android application.
  2. For WEB_APPLICATION_CLIENT_ID make sure to provide Credentials you generated for Web Application.
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-googleplus --variable REVERSED_CLIENT_ID=com.googleusercontent.apps.<id> --variable

Step 2

Once plugin is installed Remove Platform and Add again. Then Create a Production Release and sign it. It will work on Production release and error should go away. However when debugging the application in mobile you will still see the error 10. In order to resolve this you have to create a file called inside platforms/android put the following contents:


Once you have created this file put your generated keystore in same folder. That’s basically it! Now when you debug the app it will still work.

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